The Baye Fall’s mission



Mame Cheikh Ibrahima Fall was born in 1858 in Sénégal.

he is the founder of the powerful islamic movement called the Bayefallisme. he was the disciple number one of Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba.

A true prince, he give up everything to go and work for his spiritual leader by doing the house works and the farm ; fetching water and wood.


The Baye Fall’s mission

A true Baye Fall should know the islamic teatchings and the doctrine of the mouridisme : the work, the disciple, the ndigueul and the zikroula are the main tools of the Baye Fall.


The outside aspect, i mean clothes and dread locks are not very important, the main thing are his faith and the practice of Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba and Mame Cheikh Ibrahima Fall teatchings.



Chérif Hassane Fall

Chérif Hassane Fall


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